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Red Rock Scooter Tours
the Best Sightseeing Tour in Las Vegas!

Red Rock Scooter Tours is one of the most fun things to do in Las Vegas, and the best sightseeing tour available!  Our tour highlights:

    • See some of the world’s most beautiful sights while riding through the Red Rock Canyon, on a super-fun scooter.
    • Free shuttle service to and from your hotel (see shuttle stop list).
    • Only $125 for single scooter riders
    • $200 driver & passenger
    • Tour Times:
      *10:00am – Mid-December thru February
      8:00am – Mid-August thru Nov & *Spring
      1:00pm – Mid-August thru Nov & *Spring
    • Learn to ride a scooter like a pro with a free lesson.

Individual, couples, group, and private tours available.

**Price listed excludes taxes, gratuity and charges


Additional Information

The Amazing Las Vegas Red Rock Canyon:  Did you know that just outside of Las Vegas is some of the world’s most beautiful scenery?  The massive mountains, springs, canyons, and valleys of the Red Rock Canyon have supported civilizations for thousands of years, and provide habitat for abundant wildlife including wild burros and horses, bighorn sheep, deer, mountain lions, and eagles.  For locals and visitors alike, it provides inspiration and recreation opportunities for millions each year.  To put it simply – it is one of the most awesome places on earth!  This is where you’ll be riding your scooter with us – the Red Rock Canyon NCA (National Conservation Area)…learn more about it here!

Sightseeing is Better from a Scooter, and Riding a Scooter is Awesome Fun:  Riding your scooter on a Red Rock Scooter Tour is the perfect way to see the awesome Red Rock Canyon.  In a car or bus you’re enclosed, looking through a window. On your scooter, you’re not watching the scene, you’re in it, living it, breathing it, smelling it, and riding it. A super fun, easy to drive scooter will add to your experience like nothing else.  This is the best tour of the Red Rock Canyon and you’ll quickly see why.

Your Free Riding Lesson:  Come on, you know you’ve always wanted to try riding a scooter, but perhaps you just haven’t had the opportunity.  This is your perfect chance to try, because our experts give you a free riding lesson.  Within minutes you’ll be comfortable and flying around, feeling like you’re ready to tackle the open road.  And if you’re an experienced rider, you’ll have a blast too, because riding a scooter in the Red Rocks will be a new experience of a lifetime. You’ll love it!  Experienced motorcyclists have told us they prefer riding our scooters on a Red Rock Scooter Tour, as the speed and the easy handling of the scooters are just a better way to enjoy the Red Rock Canyon than any other tour.

A Perfect Learning Environment for Your First Ride:  You’ll be riding within a 13-mile closed-loop road that is one way only, is very wide, and has a speed limit mostly of 25 miles-per-hour. Simply put, it’s a perfect place to learn to ride and hone your riding skills, all the while enjoying a setting you just can’t find anywhere else in the world. By the time you’re done with your tour, you’ll feel like a scooter riding expert, and be ready to ride back in your hometown.

No Previous Experience Needed:  All we require from you is that you’re comfortable riding a 2-wheeled bicycle. Basic balance is of course a must, but we’ll teach you the rest.

No special license required:  No motorcycle endorsement is required, just a basic car license.  Riders must be 21 or older.

We’re Authorized and Endorsed Scooter Tour Guides:  You’re in good hands. Red Rock Scooter Tours is one of a very select group of guides permitted to operate within the Red Rock Canyon by the Bureau of Land Management, Dept. of the Interior (U.S. Government).  In fact, we’re the only company authorized to guide 2 wheeled gas powered scooter tours through the NCA.

Endorsed guide, BLM”, Official BLM Permitee # NVSO20-15-7

Come Ride with Us:  So when you’re traveling to Las Vegas, and want fun activities for you, your friends, or your whole family, try Red Rock Scooter Tours – you’ll b glad you did. We guarantee it.

Private Tours Available: Looking for fun activities in Las Vegas for your friends, family or business group? We can book you a private tour, up to 11 scooters at a time (22 people total if riding double). Just give us a call and we’ll reserve your tour today!